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Verseo ADS Sp. z o.o.

Together with Verseo, we are developing technological solutions aimed at providing value for Verseo customers in the form of fast data collection and processing, and the ability to independently manage and optimize online campaigns. We also create a set of applications and tools that allow to automate campaign optimization in various advertising channels, offering over 50 optimization strategies and to create more effective campaigns based on data provided by systems in real time.

  • data collection and processing
  • automate campaign optimization
  • analysis and implementation of a data warehouse

Bergerat Monnoyeur Sp. z o.o.

The only official CAT machines distributor
in Poland. Leading its branch since 1997. It offers all CAT machines – new, used, as well as rental program.

At the client’s request, we designed and implemented a data warehouse combining information from several independent systems. After that we implemented management dashboards and operational reports, which allowe not only to make decisions, but also to implement business processes.

  • Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Power BI

Marmite Sp. z o.o.

A world leader in the production of shower bays, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks. The annual production volume exceeds 1,000,000 products, which are designed and manufactured by 800 employees

As part of the cooperation, we have conducted analysis and implemented the Business Intelligence system for departments such as: logistics, sales, production, and currently we are doing reporting tasks in the controlling department. Our work covers issues with analysis (through system design), ETL process design and implementation, data combining in the warehouse, and reporting.

  • data warehouses
  • operational reports
  • management dashboards

Beyond.pl Sp. z o.o.

Runs neutral telecommunication data centres. Both centres are located
in Poznań, and their total area is 12,800 m².

At the client’s request, we have provided data warehouse system and reporting analysis and implementation for departments such as sales and controlling, combining data from over 10 different systems, including flat files (XLS). The implementation of the system was completed with a support service provided up to this date, extended with system modernization and maintenance.

  • data aggregation
  • analysis and implementation of BI system
  • reporting

Technicolor Polska Sp. z o.o.

Video production field concern The daily volume of CD production exceeds 1.5 million units. The main branch is located in the United States.

Since 2011, on behalf of the client, we have provided database systems performance audit services (SQL Server and Oracle), as well as migration and update projects for systems that are unsupported. Up to this day Summ-it provides a 24/7 continuous support services for a group of over 70 servers for Technicolor company. Simultaneously, at the client’s request, we carry out data migration projects and carry out ETL processes and report data from systems such as SAP.

  • report data
  • carry out ETL processes
  • database systems performance audit

Lentex S.A.

A manufacturing company listed on the stock exchange, which offers nonwovens and carpets to markets around the world.

Since 2012, summ-it has been providing continuous 24/7 support for database environments based on MS SQL Server and MySQL technology. As part of the service, we provide support for current incidents and applications, as well as environmental projects and audits. Independently for the client, we have implemented and are supporting a data reporting system that combines information from systems such as ERP or MES.

  • 24/7 support
  • environmental audits
  • data reporting system

Baltic Wood S.A.

A joint-stock company from the production sector, which offers wooden floors to markets around the world.

Since 2015 summ-it has implemented a new server infrastructure (private cloud) as part of cooperation. Simultaneously, the company provides a 24/7 support service, servicing over 20 IT systems, including SQL Server and Oracle database systems. At the client’s request, we have implemented and are maintaining a data warehouse and reporting system based on Tableau.

  • 24/7 support
  • data warehouse
  • implementation of a reporting system

Steinpol Central Services Sp. Z o.o.

A manufacturer of high-class furniture produced for Western markets, i.e. Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Since 2016, we have been providing services in the area of database systems, like SQL Server and Oracle. The implemented projects include performance, scaling and system licensing audits, as well as environments installations and configurations. Summ-it also provides continues 24/7 support, which provides the client with a 2nd line of support.

  • system licensing audits
  • environments installations and configurations
  • 24/7 support

Impuls-Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o.

It is part of the IMPULS-LEASING International Holding with its headquarters in Austria. The IMPULS-LEASING International Holding belongs to the Raiffeisenlandesbank Upper Austria Group. The assets of the Raiffeisenlandesbank Upper Austria Group amount to more than 40 billion Euro

As part of the cooperation since 2019, audit projects and migration of production systems have been carried out, and a data warehouse project is currently underway, which is one source of truth in the organization. Simultaneously, as part of cooperation, we share knowledge and experience with our client through dedicated training.

  • data warehouse
  • dedicated training
  • audit of production systems

Bank Millennium S.A.

Portuguese bank operating on the EMEA market. One of the TOP 10 banks on the Polish market.

Summ-it has been providing services in the area of database systems since 2017. The cooperation was started by delivering a central data replication system implementation project at the SQL Server systems level. Subsequently, the cooperation turned into further scaling and optimization
and system performance projects, and as a result, constant support of database systems (3rd line) provided 24/7/365 for the volume of over 3,300 databases, with a total size exceeding 500 TB.

  • scaling, optimization of systems
  • database system
  • 24/7 support

Pepco Poland Sp. z o.o.

European chain of discounters, offering clothing for the whole family and home products. In 2019 Pepco had over 2,200 stores
in whole Europe.

Summ-it has been providing services in the area of database systems (SQL Server and Oracle) since 2012. As part of the cooperation, scalability and system performance audits were carried out, as well as a number of projects related to the development of database infrastructure. Summ-it also provides 24/7/365 support or the volume of over 200 databases with a total size of more than 300 TB. As part of the supported environment, we support and develop a data warehouse and reporting system.

  • 24/7 support
  • scalability and performance audit
  • data warehouse

AXA Assistance

Part of the AXA Group, one
of the largest and oldest groups in the global financial services market

For AXA company, we carried out a database systems audit, and then we provided consultations in the indicated observations and recommendations field. The project required us to cooperate with the AXA group IT department, which made cooperation within the corporate structure possible.

  • audit of database systems
  • consulting
  • reporting

DGT Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer and supplier of modern ICT systems, specializes in the development and implementation of dispatch communication systems, which integrate wired and radio means of communication.

Commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration together with DGT LCC we have designed a highly available database system that records telephone calls to the 112 emergency number. The company DGT LCC provided the application, while summ-it designed the architecture of the solution and provided the database system.

  • system architecture design
  • implementation of reporting system
  • 24/7 support

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Executive Assistant

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