Guarantee scalability and high-availability thanks to top class solutions

Fast organization growth determine high expectations related to IT departments response time, especially in solutions delivery. Almost in every business case, delivery time indicate on competitive advantage and value proposition.

migration into cloud


One of the common bottleneck in IT solutions delivery is infrastructure readiness and scalability. On-premises solutions require much more time for reconfiguration than other options like public cloud.


To eliminate these boundaries we highly recommend to migrate your infrastructure including databases into Microsoft Azure.

This change should be made in accordance with a work plan, built on the best practices of IT methodologies.


Final cloud platform solution guarantee scalability and high-availability of your systems. Furthermore it reduce an effort spend on infrastructure administration.

Database migration

Database migration into MS Azure

As a result of the solution client will receive end-to-end database migration into a cloud platform. We are able to deliver the migration for different types of databases.


The migration process follows by sophisticated work plan which includes all ITIL® best practices. The plan has been divided on three phases.


  • Pre-migration: discover, pre-migration, convert.
  • Migration: migrate, sync data, cutover.
  • Post-migration: remediate apps, test, optimize


Following by specific migration process client receive end-to-end system migration including risk mitigation.

How to improve data availability with summ-it and Microsoft Azure solutions?

Thanks to Microsoft Azure we are able to migrate your data to cloud platform which is able to solve your business challenges and secure data growth in your organization. This platform offers unlimited storage available just in time and helps you to modify your system resources in online mode. Use our experience to improve data management in your organization.

just in time


Microsoft Azure offers different types of components with a few availability options. Furthermore you can use geo-replication, to improve RTO and RPO indicators.


You can change system properties, including system resources in online mode to secure a data growth. Resources are available to you all the time, and you don’t need to wait for their delivery.


This solution improve IT infrastructure cost of ownership. By appropriate configuration you will pay only for consumed resources and you are able to estimate your costs in future, based on data growth analysis.

Żabka Polska

Microsoft Azure as a central data platform in Żabka Polska

As a one step of digital transformation Żabka selected Microsoft Azure and Office 365 as an environment to centralize data and build unified collaboration platform. This tools guarantee scalability and security on enterprise level. Furthermore this environment secure data growth in the organization.


Thanks to SharePoint, Azure Functions and App Service we are able to quickly and easily deliver applications, which support core business and support functions processes, including workflow management in the organization.


Every of the application collect data. With Microsoft Azure, we are able to offer highly scalable databases with required availability features. This solution helps us to quickly answer on business needs.


Azure offers top class security options, nevertheless Microsoft security team, frequently update the platform to improve the  area. With the platform, we are able to proof that organization data are in good hands.

Do you want to know more about Azure Cloud?

If you find the earlier mentioned offer interesting or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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