A one-of-a-kind system dedicated to monitoring SQL Server databases and automating their management

  • Scope

  • Config monitoring (reports)

  • Database instance config verification

    SQL Server instance log verification

    SQL Server Agent log verification

    Backup verification

    Transactional log increment verification

    Index fragmentation monitoring

    SQL replication monitoring

    SQL Server licesing verification

    Database scaling

    Comprehensive system reports

  • Security level monitoring (reports)

  • Unlocked SA accounts verification

    Sysadmin accounts listing

    Failed login attempts monitoring

    Listing users unable to login (orphaned users)

    Instance version and available updates monitoring

  • Incident e-mail alerts

  • Support for instances in multiple domains

  • Benefits

    • Own individual databases monitoring system (cloud and on premises)
    • System data are only kept in one single central place
    • Data protection in accordance with the best practices
    • Cloud databases configuration monitoring possibility as well as user recommendations generating
    • Centralized database available only for the cloud provider, on the basis of which recommendations are generated
    • PaaS service’s quality enhancement

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