Recovery plan for DR and ITCP systems

Instead of planning on backup strategy, we focus on data recovery strategy in case of malfunction.

  • Scope

    • Backup & recovery strategy elaboration
    • Detailed system restore plan preparation
    • Cyclical vital systems restore tests in order to guarantee the data recovery possibility and procedure update
    • Continues service operation and required processes by certification center assurance

  • Benefits

    • System recovery possibility warranty as well as malfunction time determination
    • Organization process implementation, which translates to IT as well as business individuals.

Even the best backup doesn’t matter if it cannot be accessed. In order to minimize the possible malfunction influence, we offer ITCP – IT Continuity Plan system restore tests as well as DR (Disaster Recovery) plan preparation. The offer is aimed at all clients, no matter of the company size, nor the IT structure complexity. Data should be secured in every enterprise, and for every scale one needs to select a suitable system work continuation plan.


If you find the earlier mentioned offer interesting or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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