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What should you know if you want to start working with us?

Is summ-it planning new recruitments in the near future?

Yes, we would like to hire some new employees in the coming months. Our job offer is addressed to both specialists with several years of experience, as well as newly minted IT graduates. We believe that everyone deserves a chance, so we encourage you to at least try to cooperate with us.

Do we cooperate with Universities?

Yes, we cooperate with Universities: WSB University, Collegium Da Vinci and the Poznań University of Technology. It is possible to undergo a student internship or apprenticeship. You can send your CV directly to: rekrutacja@summ-it.pl or via the Career Offices of the above-mentioned universities.

What does the recruitment in our company look like? How many stages does it have?

Our recruitment has two stages as standard. In the first stage, all applications received by us are selected and analyzed by us to choose the best candidates. In the second stage we conduct individual interviews with the candidates, which may result later into joining.

Will the knowledge of foreign languages be verified during recruitment?

We always verify the language knowledge of our potential employees. Obviously, the language we expect candidates to be most proficient in is English. We already have a tradition in our company that one day a week is a day when we speak only English. However, other languages are also welcome. There is no need to hide that the knowledge of foreign languages is a very useful skill these days, and sometimes a bargaining chip during recruitment. However, we do not shut the doors in our company for those who do not have foreign language skills, or those who are weak in them. Perhaps something else will catch our attention. Maybe the candidate will have other valuable skills, and the linguistic shortcomings can be overcome by sending the employee to a language course.

What should a person willing to work with us focus on?

Of course, it all depends on the position for which we are currently recruiting. Our expectations are always clearly articulated and the jobseeker has a chance to confront our expectations with his competences and experience. It often happens that inexperience is compensated by unique potential and abilities. We repeat once again – everyone deserves a chance.

How do we motivate our employees?

First of all, we try to cooperate in an atmosphere of openness and kindness. We do not want our employees to feel overwhelmed by excess duties, so they can always turn to us for help, if necessary. In our activity, we are guided by 3 golden rules, which we adhere to. Firstly – self-development, secondly – transparency and thirdly – responsibility for entrusted tasks. At the beginning of cooperation with us, every employee is informed about these values and they are periodically recalled at development meetings.

Is it possible to work remotely with us?

We try to meet the needs of our team and we anticipate such opportunities! Some of our employees work in a flexible work system – thus taking care of their work-life balance, and also have the opportunity to work from home. Fortunately, it just so happens that the nature of our business allows for this type of remote work practice.

Do we organize integration meetings?

Yes, once in a while we meet with the entire team outside the company or in the company, but then such meetings are much less official than any other business meetings. This, of course, serves to better understand the employees with the management, and employees with each other.

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