License audits

Software genuineness as well as pointing out the most efficient software usage method can be the source of a business advantage.

  • Scope

    • Server environment configuration and client device quantity analysis
    • Information collection regarding installed software
    • Data sets creation, which helps to undergo analysis
    • Operating systems genuineness certificate compatibilities listing and checking
    • Identified devices listing after network scanning
    • Software support licences checking
    • Available licences verification

  • Benefits

    • Extensive report summarizing the current software status
    • Audit conclusions and recommendations
    • Pointing out the most efficient company software usage method

Requirements for a correctly conducted audit

As part of a correctly conducted project the following requirements must be met:

  • Sharing a full shopping documentation
  • Client end engineers availability, who can describe the system architecture and will cooperate in the system availability field
  • Server system sharing with required permissions
  • Clearance for a potential script set completion prepared by our collection hardware and software specialists, as well as software installation for an automated data stock-taking
  • Access to server and applied infrastructure documentation

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