“People are the greatest asset and the most lasting source of long-term competitive advantage.”

Wojciech Wencel
CEO summ-it

Good practices for online recruitment

Remote recruitment from the perspective of Wojciech Wencel in an interview with Barbara Kowalewska



„How do you rate the impact of the Covid-19 on the situation in the industry?”


„What to focus on as a candidate to prepare for a remote interview?”


„How long does a remote recruitment interview take?”


„What surprised you about the candidate who came for the interview?”


„Advice for candidates preparing for a job interview – the STAR model?”


„How a candidate is perceived when he comes to an interview without a notebook and a pen?”


„Are there any things a candidate should avoid in remote interviews?”


„Is it worth asking what are the next recruitment steps?”

What should you know if you want to start working with us?


Anna Minkisiewicz
Marketing Specialist

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