Data safety

We offer an audit service each time before cooperation undertaking in system support field. Knowing the environment guarantees that in case of malfunction occurrence, the service will be restored in a short period of time.

  • Scope

    • Success key criteria estimation
    • Database environment analysis (network, hardware, virtualization, operating system)
    • Database instances configuration verification
    • Database properties check
    • Permission management process verification
    • Log analysis in order to detect potential data leakage
    • Optional attack tests

  • Benefits

    • Detailed report summing up the current system configuration
    • Audit conclusions and recommendations
    • Efficiency growth estimation with the applied changes

Database system information growth not infrequently is the cause of a lengthen response time. Simultaneously company client data hoarding makes up a challenge from the security point of view. For that the summ-it firm offers an audit service, which aim is to verify the environment for efficiency and security. We want to be sure that your data are in good hands. Knowing the configuration, as well as strong and weak sides identification assure that the company data are secured and delivered always in time.


As part of the service, we will perform the following tasks for you.

Preparation of a work plan and identification of bottlenecks

  • Collecting requirements and expectations.
  • Interviewing users and system administrators.
  • Obtaining and configuring access to all required system components.
  • Getting acquainted with the specification of the system, processes operating on the database and reviewing available documentation.
  • Identification of system bottlenecks.

Hardware resource analysis

  • Supervision of server configuration and disk array.
  • Verification of the distribution of files on matrix LUNs.
  • Virtualization analysis
  • Verification of the operating system’s configuration.

Database environment analysis

  • Collecting information about database configuration.
  • Analysis of database objects.
  • Verification of recurring tasks.
  • Supervision of CPU load, RAM and I / O.
  • Collection of data on DR and HA.
  • Verification of permissions, including data access security
  • Collecting information on accounts and their permissions in the instance.
  • Analysis of the application behavior and its communication with the database system.
  • Data collection (instance query trace, log analysis).
  • Analysis of traffic and operations performed on the database to identify system bottlenecks.
  • Analysis of SQL queries, including long running queries, storage procedures etc.

Development of recommendations and optimization plan

  • Listing possible database modifications
    to improve system performance.
  • Estimating potential effects of implementing changes
    in terms of performance in the context of a defined measure of success.
  • Development of recommendations in the context of DR and HA.
  • Risk analysis and estimation of implementation costs.

Preparation of the final report

  • Creation of a report containing the list of identified problem sources and recommendations for changes.

If you find the earlier mentioned offer interesting or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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