Audit of compliance of databases with GDPR

Professional general data security. Data security is not only the documentation, but it is also a detailed IT system analysis including the data classification.

  • Scope

    • IT system analysis, including data collections
    • Data classification
    • Security application possibility verification (anonymization, encryption)
    • Loss data risk evaluation
    • Detailed report summing up analyzed state
    • Identification and classification of personal database
    • Analysis of personal database
    • Personal database storage risk analysis
    • Validation of systems in the context of security and best practices related to the storage of personal database
    • Analysis of database systems in terms of the security of personal data
    • Identification of areas for which encryption or data anonymization is required
    • Choosing good solutions that will help you achieve compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act
    • Analysis of agreements with entities that process data for the organization to ensure the highest standards of data hosting
    • Verification of personal database management processes, including the process of reporting database leakage incidents
    • Preparation of a report containing conclusions and recommendations, which will  prepare database systems to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR).

  • Benefits

    • Report summing up the data security
    • Data collection classification and recommendations regarding its security
    • Auditing conducted by an outside and professional subject
    • The possibility to elaborate detailed procedures in data protection field

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